EDiSU manages eleven Colleges located in Pavia and one Residence located in Cremona.

Such Colleges and Residence are residential-structures (some of some respectively reserved only to male or female students) created with the intention of offering favorable physical and cultural spaces for a "complete and continuos" formation of the student, where occasions of study and research go together with moments of group activities, socialization and relaxation aiming to offer a university experience with multiple dimensions.

Each College is run by a Rector who lives therein and guarantees a daily interchange with the resident students, taking care of their study courses and other academic issues. Tutorship, orientation, support courses, cultural activities are constantly offered.

Every year such Colleges and Residences receive many students from near and far, increasingly from foreign countries, even from other continents. These students are expressions of differentiated academic choices, of dissimilar intellective inclinations, of multiform study and professional project that in the environment of the  communities can find recognition and support. And this enriches more and more the academic and personal experience of every single resident.

Each College presents structural and functional diversification determined by their different historical origins, by their different locations in the urban tissue and by some variations in the distribution of the services offered. All of them, however, have the permanent prospect of reorganization and improvement of the quality of the services provided.