Collegio Castiglioni aims to offer to female students studying at the University of Pavia the important opportunity  of in a College community throughout their University years. 
The College provides an opportunity to learn how to live together and offers the possibility of frequent contacts with University staff and employers, of participating in sports and recreational activities in a healthy spirit of brotherhood  and of meeting with other students from different, often unfamiliar, cultural backgrounds in a College community increasingly multi-ethnic.

Cultural Life

The College hosts regular cultural events organised either by the College Rector or by students. A number of events are organised jointly with other Colleges in a spirit of strong collaboration.  The College also encourages sport activities, both individual and team sports, at any level of accomplishement.


At the beginning of the academic year, students elect a Committee that works with the Rector and College staff toward the organization of cultural and sporting events and plays an important role as a " liaison " between the students and College management.
This role of the College Committee is important as it allows targeted interventions , discreet and effective in order to meet individual students’ needs. The students’ Committee also offers information and advice on in framework in which mature students help younger ones throughout their studies.


Since 2013, the College offers welfare support to member students, funded entirely by the College and the Alumnae Society.  The College hosts the activities of  " Associazione111 ", a group of scholars and lawyers of criminal law committed to the implementation of the constitutional principle of  ‘fair trials’. College students are able to attend the meetings of  " Associazione111 " free of charge.  The College also hosts the meetings of the Rotary Club Pavia Ticinum, which includes among it members College alumnae, and offers a prize each year to a student who has distinguished herself in her studies and in her role in College life.  Finally, the College hosts the Alumnae Society, namely a group students who graduated at Collegio Castiglioni since its opening in 1954 and have remained closely interested in College life.  In addition to organizing an annual eventon the first Sunday of May in which the alumnae meet current students, the Society has a very active role in College life providing support for cultural events and a range of other College activities.
The Society has a website (



Rector is Prof. Michela Magliacani, professor of Business Economics, at the Department of Economics and Business Sciences.

Via San Martino, 20 - 27100 - Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382-33518

Fax: 0382-304182







GUEST ROOMS: n. 2 single rooms and n. 3 double bedrooms (one with en-suite bathroom and the other with two shared bathrooms)

BATHROOM: 47 single rooms and 7 double rooms with en-suite bathroom; for the other bathroom is shared

PORTER: from 7.00 am to 1.00 am Monday to Friday - from 8.00 to 23.00 Saturday - closed Sunday and holidays, in addition to closures as academic calendar

DINING ROOM - BREAKFAST: canteen inside the College, both day and evening and n. 1 room breakfast

BAR SERVICE: vending machines for hot / cold drinks and snacks

INTERNET: wireless internet in all rooms and in public areas

COMPUTER ROOM: n. 1 computer lab, equipped with n. 5 seats

LIBRARY: n. 1 library with 20 seats

STUDY ROOM: n. 1 study room with 15 seats

HALL MEETINGS / CONFERENCES: n. 1 conference room with 40 seats equipped with a video projector and pc

TV ROOM: n. 1 TV room with DVD player and SKY

GAMES ROOM / RECREATION: n. 1 games room with table tennis

LAUNDRY: n. 2 laundry with dryer and an ironing room


GYM: n. 1 fully equipped gym


DISTANCE TO BUS STOP: bus 2 and 10, stopping nearby

DISTANCE TO TRAIN STATION: by car (2 km, 4 min.); by bicycle (1.7 km; 7 min.); walk (1.5 km; 23 min.)

DISTANCE TO BUS STATION: by car (2 km, 4 min.); by bicycle (1.6 km; 6 min.); walk (1.5 km; 22 min.)