The College is located in the historic center of Pavia , in an area characterized by the presence of five other colleges and is named after Giasone del Maino , a distinguished jurist in Pavia ( 1435-1519 ) . Collegio Giasone del Maino is active since October and accepts male and female students .

The College as a place of learning

The intellectually stimulating atmosphere that reigns within the College encourages the education of every College students thanks to the presence of students enrolled in different faculties and from a variety of countries. College tutorials are born out of mutual solidarity between students and are especially useful to freshmen providing an opportunity to better address the study and any shortcomings or gaps . Cultural meetings, often devoted to contemporary affairs, are a regular feature of Collegio Giasone del Maino.

The as place for meetings and discussion

Various international exchange programs between the University of Pavia and other Universities offer a strong opportunity to College students to meet new people from different cultures and countries. They offer the possibility to compare different points of view , interests and values ​​, share study and social life, learn how to solve inevitable conflicts, etc.
Community life forge long lasting personal bonds and enables College alumni, typically, to  recollect with interest and pride the memory of the University years spent in College.

The College as a place for sport activities and healthy life

The students of Collegio Giasone del Maino actively participate in sport activities, from the informal but very important training sessions to the official inter-collegiate games and competitions where the spirit of belonging is on strong display and translates itself in strong vocal support. The College is more concerned with the students’ active, healthy , happy and serene involvement in these events than in the final ranking of College teams. College also strongly encourages an active social life including games , cocktails  and meetings with students from other colleges, an highlight of which is the intercollegiate " Treasure Hunt Intercollegiate ", which, in a climate of fair competition , promotes a healthy and enthusiastic explosion of the ' Best of Youth ' .

The College as a place that also prepares for the world of work

In the words of a former College member: " Even now , in the workplace, I recognize as my University (Pavia) has greatly enriched me at a human level : the college with its freshman rituals have taught me to live with others , to overcome my weaknesses in the name of co-existence and sociality that – as I now realize now - I can understand and enjoy in full thanks to the College. In College I became aware of my responsibility and my role in that microcosm, a lesson for the responsibilities and roles that are needed later in the macrocosm of life " - Teresa Bava, College student 2005-2010.



The Rector is Professor Stefano Colloca, professor of Philosophy of Law at the Department of Law.

Via Luino, 4 - 27100 - Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382-376511

Fax: 0382-376704






GUEST ROOMS: n. 3 double bedrooms

BATHROOM: rooms have en suite bathroom

PORTER: from 7.00 am to 1.00 am Monday to Friday - from 8.00 to 23.00 Saturday - closed Sunday and holidays, in addition to closures as academic calendar

DISABLED ACCESS: n. 7 single rooms are intended for persons with disabilities and all are equipped with en suite bathroom

KITCHEN: n. 4 shared plans

 MEALS - BREAKFAST ROOM: n.1 room breakfast

BAR SERVICE: vending machines for hot / cold drinks and snacks

INTERNET: wireless internet in all rooms and in public areas

COMPUTER ROOM: n. 2 computer rooms, of which 1 with 5 seats and the other without allocation of PC, but with the possibility of connection for laptops

LIBRARY: n. 2 library with 20 seats

STUDY ROOM: n. 5 study rooms including 4 with 16 seats and one with 20 seats

HALL MEETINGS / CONFERENCES: n. 1 lecture hall with 102 seats equipped with projector, computer, screen ceiling, TV, overhead projector and n. 1 Seminar Room with 21 seats equipped with screen, overhead projector and flip charts

TV ROOM: n. 1 TV room with DVD player and SKY

GAMES ROOM / RECREATION: n. 1 games room with table tennis, table football and board games

MUSIC ROOM: n. 1 music room with digital piano

LAUNDRY: n. 1 laundry room with ironing with where to hang the clothes out to dry

AIR CONDITIONING: present in the rooms on the 2nd floor of the new wing of the building and its kitchen, library and computer lab. In the reading rooms and common areas there are 20 coils that provide warm air in winter and cool in summer

GYM: n. 1 fully equipped gym


DISTANCE TO BUS STOP: bus 2 and 6 stopping about 10-15 minutes

DISTANCE TO TRAIN STATION: by car (2 km, 5 min.); by bicycle (1.8 km; 7 min.); walk (1.5 km; 23 min.)

DISTANCE TO BUS STATION: by car (2 km, 4 min.); by bicycle (1.8 km; 7 min.); walk (1.5 km, 25 min.)