Our Collegio has a strong tradition of student and community life. The Collegio hosts about 80-85 male students, coming from all parts of Italy to study at Pavia University. In more recent years, this geographically diverse community has widened and is now enriched by several Foreign Student from both EU and non-EU countries. The Collegio is located in a lovely area of Pavia historic city centre, right in front of the house where the young Albert Einstein, as a teenager, spent a couple of years in Pavia. The University Departments in the city centre are all within walking distance from the Collegio whereas the Scientific and Medical Campus of the University can be conveniently and easily reached by public transportation.


The Collegio strongly encourages the presence of Bachelor, Master, and PhD students of all disciplines in Humanities, Sciences, and Medicine. The friendly atmosphere of our relatively small Collegio has always naturally promoted mutual interactions among students, who are strongly and explicitly encouraged to collaborate and support each other in their studying and educational activities. In this context, the Collegio provides a more structured supervision by Master and/or PhD fellows on Math, a form of support explicitly appreciated and demanded by students. A course in English language is organized together with other Colleges.


The life of the Collegio relies on the direct engagement of students in all aspects of community life, from organizing basic house-keeping activities, such as maintenance of the library and the study hall to the organization of sport and leisure activities to the organization of cultural events, both within the Collegio and in synergy with the other Edisu Institutions.

College Life

In Pavia, the Collegio (the "Spalla" in the student jargon) is notoriously well known for its friendly and highly integrated community life. So many friendships and professional partnerships have originated in our Collegio! As it can be expected for "male-only" Collegio, the cultural and University life is complemented by a strong interest for team sports, not limited to the classic volley, soccer, and basketball but also in the form of organized student groups, enjoying common activities such a jogging, cycling tours around Pavia etc.



The rector is prof. Andrea Mattevi, Professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Genetics and Microbiology.

Via Ugo Foscolo, 17 - 27100 - Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382-530423

Fax: 0382-530425



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GUEST: n. 3 single rooms, no. 3 double bedrooms and 1 double bedroom.

BATHROOM: shared bathrooms

PORTER: from 7.00 am to 1.00 am Monday to Friday - from 8.00 to 23.00 Saturday - closed Sunday and holidays, in addition to closures as academic calendar

KITCHEN: n. 1 shared

MEALS - BREAKFAST ROOM: n. 1 room breakfast

BAR SERVICE: vending machines for hot / cold drinks and snacks

INTERNET: wireless internet in all rooms and in public areas

COMPUTER ROOM: n. 1 computer room with 3 seats

LIBRARY: n. 1 library with 20 seats

STUDY ROOM: n. 1 study room with 20 seats and no. 1 room reading newspaper with 10 seats

HALL MEETINGS / CONFERENCES: n. 1 conference room with 100 seats

TV ROOM: n. 1 TV room with DVD player and SKY

GAMES ROOM / RECREATION: n. 1 games room with table tennis and table football

MUSIC ROOM: n. 1 music room with piano and drums

LAUNDRY: n. 1 laundry room

AIR CONDITIONING: present in the common rooms (library, TV room, reading room, computer room), in 5 rooms intended for graduate and at the reception and offices

GYM: n. 1 fully equipped gym


DISTANCE TO BUS STOP: bus 3 and 10 stopping nearby

DISTANCE TO THE TRAIN STATION: by car (2.5 km; 5 min.); by bicycle (1.6 km; 6 min.); walk (1.6 km; 26 min.)

DISTANCE TO BUS STATION: by car (2.5 km; 5 min.); by bicycle (1.6 km; 6 min.); walk (1.6 km; 24 min.)