Collegio Plinio Fraccaro is one of the historical Colleges governed by EDISU, located within the main University site where teaching of humanity subjects ( literature, philosophy, law, economics, political science, communications intermedia ) takes place. The institutional mission of Collegio Fraccaro is to safeguard and promote the right to education to all students, regardless of economic and social conditions. Alongside this purpose, through the Alumni Association, the College offers students the pre -graduate and post graduate the possibility of placements and internships .


Collegio Fraccaro offers assistance to students during their exam preparation through tutorial activities; it offers teaching in subjects such as calculus  and languages for students with an exam backlog and organizes seminars on cultural and scientific topics. 
The College also offers several annual scholarships to top students .


Collegio Fraccaro, as well as providing accommodation and facilities, promotes a strong sense of belonging to the community through various group activities, including team sports (the College enters intercollegiate sports tournaments ), cultural activities (conferences and internal debates ) and entertainment opportunities (freshers’ party, spring party, a nativity stage production , films ). The College is proud of the success of its football, basketball and volleyball teams. Finally The location of the College, under the towers of the central building of the University (hence Collegio Fraccaro is known in Pavia as the "College of towers" ) facilitates the student 's involvement in the life of the city of Pavia .

Cultural life

The College promotes and hosts conferences, meetings and discussions on various topics of interest. Their implementation involves the involvement of students and the Alumni Association, with the help of lecturers and experts from the University of Pavia and beyond. These activities are also open to the participation of people from outside the college.


Many of the alumni, as well as the Rector of the College , are professors of the University and are available to provide advice to students and guide them through their University studies. A number of alumni are well established in the political , social and professional life in the city of Pavia or elsewhere and they meet each year on the first Sunday in May for the Feast of the Alumni Association in order to share with current students their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.



The rector is prof. Cesare Perotti, professor of Tectonics and Geodynamics at the Faculty of Science.

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 2 - 27100 - Pavia (PV)

Tel. 0382-301371

Fax: 0382-23322






GUEST: n. 3 single rooms and n. 3 double bedrooms

BATHROOM: n. 2 shared rooms each, while the guest rooms are en-suite

PORTER: from 7.00 am to 1.00 am Monday to Friday - from 8.00 to 23.00 Saturday - closed Sunday and holidays, in addition to closures as academic calendar

KITCHEN: n. 3 shared

MEALS - BREAKFAST ROOM: n. 1 room breakfast

BAR SERVICE: vending machines for hot / cold drinks and snacks

INTERNET: wireless internet in all rooms and in public areas

COMPUTER ROOM: n. 1 computer room with 5 seats

LIBRARY: n. 1 library with 20 seats

STUDY ROOM: n. 1 study room with 10 seats

MEETINGS / CONFERENCES ROOMS: n. 1 conference room with 80 seats equipped with electronic screen, projector, sound system, optional connection to a PC, and n. 1 conference room with 23 seats equipped with electronic screen and blackboard wall

TV ROOM: n. 1 TV room with DVD player and SKY

GAMES ROOM / RECREATION: n. 1 games room with table tennis, pool and table football

MUSIC ROOM: n. 1 music room with piano

LAUNDRY: n. 1 laundry room

AIR CONDITIONING: present in library, conference room, gym, concierge and offices, games room

GYM: n. 1 fully equipped gym


PARKING: Available indoor parking for bicycles

DISTANCE TO BUS STOP: bus 1, 2, 6 and 10 stopping nearby

DISTANCE TO TRAIN STATION: by car (2 km, 5 min.); by bicycle (1.3 km; 6 min.); walk (1.2 km, 17 min.)

DISTANCE TO BUS STATION: by car (2 km, 5 min.); by bicycle (1.4 km; 6 min.); walk (1.2 km, 18 min.)